viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Start of part two - travelling south towards Santiago

Yesterday morning, early early, I arrived to Arequipa (south of Cusco). It’s always sad to leave a place where you have made new friends, so leaving on Wednesday evening wasn't a happy event... Nightbus to Arequipa, where I met up with Jantien (for the people who don't know - ex UC unitmate friend) and her friend Georgia, who are travelling around here too. So the last two days I have spent with them, which has been very nice - Arequipa is beautiful, nice atmosphere and clearly a bigger city than Cusco. And it is very nice to meet up with people I know. It is fun being with Jantien and Georgia, we make a sport out of finding the cheapest deals for food. Today we had a huge lunch menu in a marketplace for 3,50 soles (less than €1) surrounded by Peruvians watching us (see photo). My happiness is complete, cause three good friends from Cusco are arriving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend together. 

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